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Celebrating 90 Years of Growth and Innovation

Behind every fact and notable achievement at the Port of Oakland are the all-important human stories. Consider the jobs and careers it has forged, the families it has sustained, the businesses it has fostered and the community programs it has championed. The breadth of the Port’s mandate enables us to play a central role in the region’s economic vitality. Our work promotes business activities that deliver jobs and community benefits. We operate Oakland International Airport, manage the Oakland Seaport, serve as stewards of the waterfront and partner with our communities, all in support of our diverse constituents.

On the Water

The Port of Oakland was established in 1927 on the East shore of San Francisco Bay. As a world-class international cargo and transportation hub, we have pioneered shipping innovations to expedite the movement of goods worldwide. Whether adopting specialized intermodal containers, dredging our channels to accommodate ever-larger vessels or improving adjacent railroad facilities for greater efficiencies, we continue to be a leader in the Port industry.(Link to quick facts.)

In the Air

1927 also marked the opening of the Oakland Municipal Airport. Aviation superstars Amelia Earhart, Bessie Coleman and Charles Lindbergh, graced our runways more than once. During World War II, the airport served as a major staging area for U.S. military forces in the Pacific.  When the airport expanded in 1962 and jetliners began service, our commercial passenger activity literally took off. Fifty-four years later, Oakland International Airport continues to dramatically expand passenger and cargo services with new carriers and flight destinations worldwide. (Link to quick facts.)

On the Shoreline

As a California State Tidelands Trust grant, the Port of Oakland is steward to more than 800 acres of land on waterfront property. In addition to Port parks and public access, underused acreage is being converted into homes, hotels, offices, shops, restaurants, and other development projects through private investment dollars. Today, this development is fueling Oakland’s urban renaissance by creating jobs, housing,recreation and leisure activities.

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530 Water Street
Oakland, California 94607
United States

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