Port Authority of Jamaica - Port of Kingston


As the regulatory Authority, PAJ monitors and regulates the navigation of all vessels entering and leaving Jamaica’s ports and harbours, to ensure safety and order. The Authority also set tariffs on goods that passes through the public wharves. In executing these responsibilities, the PAJ: • Administers and regulates Jamaica’s pilotage service for all ships navigating Jamaica’s seaports by offering assistance with navigation and berthing. This service is compulsory for all ships navigating Jamaica’s seaports • Offers commercial tug services in the Port of Kingston

• Provides and maintains navigational aids, such as buoys, beacons and lighthouses

• Charts safe access to Jamaica’s ports and harbours by maintaining ship channels to ensure that the depths are sufficient for the vessels that use the ports

• Serves as a tribunal for establishing wharfage tariffs, through a process of public hearing


Additional Information

Airport No

Seaport Yes

Transport Yes

Port Code JMKIN

Port Size Medium


15-17 Duke Street Kingston Jamaica

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